Pioneering Excellence in Tobacco Processing for Over Seven Decades

Steeped in Tradition, Crafted by Experts. Our Tobacco Legacy Spans Seven Decades. From Farm to Global Exporter, We Deliver Excellence. Welcome to international tobacco redrying, Where Quality Meets Tradition

Our Services

Tobacco Reconditioning

Our specialized redrying process restores tobacco leaves to their optimal moisture levels, enhancing flavor and quality, and ensuring they're ready for further processing or export.

Quality Assurance

We employ rigorous quality control measures, including thorough inspections, to ensure that only the finest tobacco leaves meet our strict standards for processing and export.

Moisture Content Adjustment

Precise moisture level control is essential in tobacco processing. We expertly adjust moisture content to meet specific product requirements, ensuring optimal quality.

Blending Services

Our blending expertise allows us to combine different tobacco leaf varieties to achieve unique flavor profiles and product characteristics tailored to your needs.

Packaging and Storage

After redrying, we carefully package and store tobacco in controlled environments, preserving its quality until it's ready for manufacturing or export.

Logistics and Export Services

Our comprehensive export services cover packaging, documentation, and shipping coordination, ensuring your tobacco products reach global markets seamlessly.

About Us

Founded over seven decades ago, ITRPAK stands as a testament to enduring excellence in the tobacco industry. Our visionary founder, Jan Bahadar Khan, embarked on a remarkable journey that has led us to become one of the foremost cigarette manufacturers and exporters in our country. With an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, we’ve cultivated a legacy of distinction.

Our story, aptly titled ’71 Years of Excellence,’ is a testament to our dedication. We’ve diligently fostered diverse sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing and social responsibility. At the heart of our success is a team of dedicated professionals, blending decades of experience with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

As we continue our journey, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide the finest tobacco products while upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and environmental responsibility. Welcome to ITRPAK, where tradition meets innovation, and quality knows no compromise.

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Haji Jan Bahadar Khan


Jehanzeb Bahadar Khan

Managing Director

Amir Bahadar Khan

Managing Partner

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What Our Clients Say

Sarah Johnson
Sarah JohnsonCEO, Global Tobacco Co
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Working with ITRPAK has been a game-changer for us. Their commitment to quality and their expertise in the tobacco industry is unparalleled. We've found a reliable partner who consistently delivers excellence.
Mark Rodriguez
Mark RodriguezTobacco Farmer
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I've been a tobacco farmer for generations, and ITRPAK has always been there to support us. They've not only improved the quality of our crop but also our livelihoods. Their dedication to the community is inspiring.
Emily White
Emily WhiteProcurement Manager, International Trading Co
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We've been sourcing tobacco from ITRPAK for years, and their products are unmatched. The quality and consistency they offer have been a significant advantage in our business. We highly recommend them.